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You might be interested in some letter articles describing differences between American and Japanese stuff at an information web site, Explore America Info < www.exploreamerica.info > Here is a list of the letter articles.

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#   Subject

12 American and Local Sports Update part 2 - Basketball

14 American and Local Sports Update part 3 - Football

18 What happens on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in the US!

26 Jackpot (Lottery) amount: $2.5 million (Japan) vs. $314.9 million (USA)

27 Valentine's Day --- USA vs. Japan

28 President's Day --- USA vs. Japan

30 The 117th Annual St. Paul Winter carnival + Climate: Minnesota vs. Japan, "Snowy Country" in Minnesota's Version?

34 "Snowman" --- USA vs. Japan

38 The First Day of Spring --- USA vs. Japan

39 Spring Break --- USA vs. Japan

45 Daylight Saving Time

49 Tax --- USA vs. Japan Part I  Income Tax

70 Summer Solstice --- USA vs. Japan

81 Tax --- USA vs. Japan Part II  Sales Tax

87 Elections--- USA vs. Japan Part I

169 Festivals and Fairs --- USA vs. Japan

173 Homecoming 1 --- USA vs. Japan

174 Homecoming 2 --- USA vs. Japan

195 Historical Comparison between the U.S. and Japan around the time of the Civil War (1861-1865), and Viewing Japan's history form the U.S.

196 Minnesota has a "Continental Climate "while Japan has an oceanic climate

197 Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival

198 Chat --- USA vs. Japan

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