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One of my old bosses (while I worked for an American big company) asked me (a Japanese) how to count and say the four directions in Japanese before he went on a biz trip to Japan.  He told me the reason why he wanted to know the numbers and directions is that usually part names, like streets and stations, use numbers and directions.  It's really useful for him to remember this Japanese accordingly.  This makes sense.  Here are numbers and directions in Japanese. (031023, 031124)

1 to 10:  1 (ichi), 2 (ni), 3 (sun), 4 (shi), 5 (go), 6 (roku), 7 (hichi), 8 (hachi), 9 (kyu), 10 (ju)

Directions:  East (Higashi, (Tou)), West (Nishi, (Sai, Zai)), South (Minami, (Nan)), North (Kita, (Hoku, Boku))

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