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Japan (日本 1  |   Japan (in English)  :  日本 = Nihon = Nippon (in Japanese)

Map of Japan

写真:Japan Photos 1 | Japan Photos 2 | Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san) 富士山 | Shinkansen (Bullet Train) 新幹線

Japanese History (日本の歴史 Nihon no Rekishi) | Imperial Household Agency (宮内庁)

Japan's Most Scenic Places (The Tree Views of Japan - 日本三景 Nihon Sankei): Matsushima (松島) Matsu shima, Miyajima (宮島) Miya jima, and Amanohashidate (天の橋立) Ama no Hashidate  Note: shima = jima: Island
Famous Gardens 名庭園: Top 3 Japanese Gardens & Other Famous Gardens
Flowers 花:Wisteria ()
Top 10 Wonderful Japanese Gardens | Places To See In Your Lifetime  Pandotrip

Japanese Castles (日本の城) Nihon no Shiro:  Japanese Castles  |  The Guide to Japanese Castles

Japanese castle - Wikipedia

Travel Guide, for example  Japan National Tourism Organization 1  |  JNTO 2   |  Japan-Guide  |
Tokyo (東京) 1 | 2  ;  Osaka (大阪) | Nagoya (名古屋) | Yokohama (横浜) | Kyoto (京都) | Nara (奈良)
Nikko (日光) |  Sapporo (札幌) | Hiroshima (広島) | Nagasaki (長崎) ...

Sports: Pro Baseball | National High School BasebalI Championship (every summer, really popular) | Soccer | Sumo 相撲 |

Judo 柔道, Kodokan 講道館| Kendo, Kendo America 剣道: Japanese Fencing |

Kabuki 歌舞伎 | Geisha* 芸者, Maiko-san 舞妓さん

1 2  

1 | Tancho Zuru (Japanese Crane or Red-crowned Crane) Kushiro & Akanko, Hokkaido

Green Tea 1 |

Anime 1

Video Games

Numbers to Remember: Within Japan, dial 110 for police, and 119 for ambulance. For more info

* Japanese A: "I've never seen Geisha (san) while in Japan, even though I grew up there. I, however, happened to see a few Maiko-san in Kyoto when my buddy and I went to a famous temple to listen to 108 rings of the bell on New Year's Eve (Joya-no-Kane、除夜の鐘)."

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